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You're a blessing. I make small projects for fun and it's really hard to get good assets especially since I don't make money off these projects.

Thank you =] Happy to be resourceful.
Good luck with your projects!!

Hey, I was wondering if you could make some sprites and backgrounds for me. I want to make a small simple visual novel and really like your work and would like to have it in my game. To contact me just use my email. Thanks!


Hi Rinkakuso, 

Unfortunately I'm not taking on any extra VN work at the moment due to my current workload. But feel free to use the sprites I release and any other resources I release for public use. 


I love everything about him, but especially his little freckles!

Thank you Neeka! Yeah his skin looked too boring so I wanted to give him some uniqueness. Plus, I haven't seen any tough guy sprites with freckles before.

Love it

Thank you =D

What a hottie! I love his hairstyle. Nice job again Red. :D

Thanks Jane!! 

Haha, yeah I wanted a cool hairstyle and I'm kind of obsessed with the partially shaved look at the moment. 

Might make a cute guy next.