Next four updates timeline 2022-2023

Waiting for the game to update? 

We'll be releasing the After Stories in stages that correspond to the After Story character's birthdays. As such, here is the expected timeline for the next four updates:
1. November 2022 - Ao's After Story (Ending 02)
2. February 2023 - Hong Yang's After Story (Ending 03)
3. June 2023 - Emily's After Story (Ending 01)
4. July 2023 - Ao and Hong Yang's After Story (Ending 00) - this story takes place between ' I'm a love interest' and 'The love interests get their own game', but it won't make an impact if you play the latter before the After Story comes out.

I'm happy to officially announce the next update is coming out November 28th!

A huge thank you to the team that's currently working with me to update the game:

Our editor, Alison 'Draz' Huang 
Our new background artist, Arctic Fox
Our new audio editor, Cats On A Lilypad
A special thank you to Fricochet for their Chip-Hop lofi machine app, which was used to make the new BGM in Ao's After Story. 

The After Stories will be included into the original game's build as an update, not a DLC, so there won't be any extra cost for them.
However, if you wish to support the game's updates, consider leaving a tip here on itch, or subscribe to our patreon, or check out our stickers up for sale.

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