Technical Problems

Hi everyone, 

Some unfortunate news, due to problems with my laptop, work on I'm a love interest is currently on hold until I can acquire a new device to work on.

I am distraught right now. Trying to be positive, I am just glad I backed up the game's files last month. But I have lost about a month's worth of work and most of my original art files. If there is hope that I can retrieve the data on my hard-drive then that would help, but at this point in time it might not be possible to get everything back. 

I am so sorry to everyone that has been waiting patiently and encouraging me this whole time. It's difficult to explain what I am feeling right now and I am still unsure what to do.

But I want to thank everyone that has been playing, enjoying, and supporting I'm a love interest. If this problem doesn't get solved by July, I will release one of the earlier beta build versions of the game for everyone instead. (either for free or a very small price) That is the very least I can do for those of you that have waited. 

You might not hear from me for a while (I can still access twitter and email though), so I'm going to end this long post with my gratitude. 

Thank you everyone, 


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Have problems purchasing the game, the paypal link seemed to be down.

Hi ysoria!

Might be a problem with paypal, the download button still seems to work on my end.
Maybe try again in a few days. 

It's still not working, when I click on buy now, there's a button that allowed me to choose either paypal or credit card....when I click that, both pages do not work and lead me to this blank page that writes, 

{"errors":["source must be one of paypal, amazon, stripe"]}

Hm... I'm not sure what the issue could be, you'll probably need to contact support to sort that one out. 
Otherwise you can wait for the steam release, but that will be a couple of months. (Aiming for late september/early october)

Hi again ysoria!

I tried reconnecting my paypal to itch, so give it another go and see if it works now. 

Hi thanks.  I'd managed to purchased the game.  Think it's probably a glitch with the itch app.

Hi ysoria!

Glad it got sorted. Good to know.
Hope you enjoy the game!



My hard drive was recovered so I still have all my files. (so overjoyed)
Which is a huge relief, however, I will still need to buy a new laptop.

For now, I've got the hard drive hooked up to a spare computer, but this is just a temporary solution. 

I haven't checked the game in a month and was so sad when I saw this post T_T I'm really glad you got your files back!! Let's say a sad F for your laptop lol. A bigger crisis averted though~ I'm still rooting for you and this game, ever since I first commented(even if I haven't said anything since then until now). I hope everything goes well beyond this. ^^

Thank you Suna!!!

You were one of the first to comment like when the first demo came out, I appreciate you still supporting me and the game! 

Sad news, the computer that the harddrive was hooked up to has now also died. T_T Devastated.

But I have acquired a new device to do my work on so after I reinstall everything I'll hopefully be back on schedule to finishing I'm a love interest!!!

I'm releaved that you didn't lose all your hard work