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Dioooos! Necesito que esto ya este terminado!! Nunca había visto una trama así, se ve muy interesante! Que ganas de jugar la opción del poliamor <3 

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Mucho gracias! Estoy feliz de que pienses que es interesante.

La ruta polyamorosa va añadir mas gameplay(?) y tendra lugar despues de la primera semana.

(lo siento, I don't know much Spanish, so I had a friend help translate) 

I love this!! I can't wait for the whole game!

Thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed it so far. 

i have a one serious issue with this game!!
i cant open it
after clicking on it there is a "Could not execute [...]. Is it missing?" error
i've tried many things to solve this but its still not working:(

If you could take a screenshot of the error I will look into it.

Are you running the mac or PC build? 

im sorry for bothering you!! i just downloaded the app and it works now. thank you for the fast reply tho!<3 


No worries. I'm glad it works now. Hope you enjoy the demo.

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I just played the demo, I really liked the idea, it's so creative, I'd never thought of that! 

It's funny that Ao's names means blue and this is his color haha!

I'm looking forward to this game!

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I'm glad you like it. Haha. Actually, aside from MC, all their names are their hair colours. 

Geum is gold in Korean.

Ao is blue in Japanese.

And the Hong in Hong Yang's name uses the character for red. 

Oops, went through my old notes and realized that last bit wasn't right. Although I had the initial intention of using 'Hong (红)' which means red, the characters I used for his name were actually 'Hong () Yang (揚)'. Feel free to look up the meaning of his name =)

Looking forward to this game!

Thank you.

ahh i just went through the demo and it's so charming and cute. im really looking forward to this!

Thank you!! =D

I'm gonna stalk this now. No escape.

HEYYYYY Welcome back Pace!!!!! Haven't seen you online in ages.
Haha, yes, stalk as much as you like =]

I want this so much. Mostly cause I'm so going to woe Ao as Geum. =P

I support your endeavour =D

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Why thank yous. I do love my grumpy, bad boys with gold hearts. Plus I find it hilarious how Geum reacts in the demo to getting a text back from Ao. This could be such a good game. Like him slowly realizing he actually has fallen for the guys, then panics over possibly hurting MC by wanting to steal one, etc. I could see guilt and Geum coming out to MC with his newly discovered love problems. xD But that's just in my head. Please don't let me worry you with expectations. You do you. I'm hoping you continue this. =D


Haha, that is an interesting route to take.  I'll just say that there are a few different ways the game can possibly end. 
And fear not! This game will be completed even if it takes me longer than intended!! =]
The kickstarter campaign will be launching at the end of the month so hopefully that speeds things along. 

I'll definitely keep my eye out for that. =)

This is really cool! Can't wait to see it finished ^w^

Thank you! 

No problem!

oH MY God! That really reminds me of otome version of kusoge! It was so refreshing to see protagonist as one of the love interest . Interactions between characters are hilarious, I died at the line "I wanted to see how the scene end" XD 

This looks really promising! I am eagerly waiting for december <3


Oh man! I only discovered Kusoge recently and although it wasn't intentionally one of my inspirations, it might have subconsciously been one. 

Thank you for your kind words and I hope you enjoy what is to come. 


The demo was funny and fun! I like that the protagonist is so aware of common otome tropes, yet so lacking in self-awareness regarding his own feelings. After the "homemade lunches for a week" line, I found myself wanting to solve the problem by pairing Ao with Hong Yang instead (fingers crossed for them getting together if Emily chooses Geum).


Thank you so much. I'm glad you like it. Haha. Yes, I have a whole side story planned for Ao and Hong Yang which players could discover if they make the right choices in the game. 

I hope you enjoy what is to come. 

Love the demo so far! Can't wait for the next update

Thank you!!

The demo was small but it got me hooked and I think it was great.

Thank you =D

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Thank you!
I'm glad to hear you think so =D

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