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oh man oh man oh man. i love this game so much. as an asexual who kinda wants romance, that talk about asexuality really hit home. and the poly route! amazing! i kind of want to see everyone else's reactions to their unconventional relationship. i love you!


I'm so glad to hear how much you liked the game!!
My editor really helped out with the ace talk, I wanted to make sure it was informative for people that might be unfamiliar with the term but still lighthearted and presenting in a natural way. 


I played the demo and the spin off game, and wow, I'm definitely buying this as soon as I can!! The characters are all very cute, I love the concept, and POLYAMORY ROUTE! I love you.

Hi Alex!

Thank you! I'm glad you seem to be enjoying the series.

Good luck getting the polyamory route!


Hey! First of all thanks for making it play able in Steam,I am finally able it to play it. :)))) Secondly,game is quite good as a time-killer or pain...But I have a question :where are the stickers?

Hi Polaton, I'm glad you're enjoying it on steam!

Ahahahhaa... the stickers... The walk through guides won't be coming out any time soon, but I can tell you there are 9 stickers overall. Depending on which character you're trying to romance, it might even be better to get no stickers. *hint hint*

I see... I guess it is time to look again gotta go fast,thx! 


This was so much fun! I tried the demo and bought the game straight away after playing it. The self-aware humour is really well done. 

I'm adding this to my show case on my itch page, if you'd rather I didn't just let me know and I'll take it down. :)

I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it! 
Thank you for adding it to your show case. =]

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Great game thank you!

thank YOU for playing =)

will this also come out on steam?

working on setting up a steam account =) so hopefully before the end of the year but it won't be anytime soon. 


Okay so after playing the demo ages ago I've been waiting for this game to come out with so much excitement. I played it all through in one go because it's just so good and honestly couldn't stop. By the time I finished all the routes (well I think all the routes anyway) I was craving more! I'm probably going to play them all again in a few days because wow! (Also I'm Aussie so it was even better playing a game set in my own country!) 

Now this might get **SPOILERY** (for those who don't want minor things spoiled maybe don't read the rest of this review lol) 

I love that there was a confirmed bisexual character and asexual character! Being bisexual myself I was like yes! Representation! It also helped make the the multiple routes way more believable and natural. Flowed so nicely. The asexual exploration was so lovely and the honest discussion the two characters have about it felt very natural and supportive. I also like that the "wrong" decisions in those aspects were true to the ace characters feelings because it's true, they wouldn't want that stuff forced on them after saying they don't want it. 

I like how Gerum was adaptable to each love interest without losing the essence of who he is. It was really really well done. The way he interacts with Ao, Hong Yang and MC shows different sides and allows to cater to different players likes. I personally loved it all. 

The art style is also very cool. I loved the CGs! The Ao one in the court yard was great, I had a good chuckle at that scene. The CG of Hong Yang on the Sunday of the route was honestly (ehem) very nice ;). The Emily one in the hallway was so sweet! Loved all those moments. The character designs are really unique too and I'm a big fan of them since they weren't super tropey (nothing wrong with tropes I just love how this game seemed to turn tropes on their head lol)

The dialogue was also really natural. I was laughing a lot while reading. Especially the moments where characters were just blunt. The flustered moments were also the best. 

Every route and pairing felt right and natural. Even the one where Gerum wasn't involved at all. It made sense! Was totally happy with every outcome. Even MC's decisions when you didn't pick her route. She's such a sweetheart. 

Sorry if this is long, just as a creator myself I know how valuable feedback is, I could honestly go on and on about all the things I love about this game. I would love to see sequels, honestly would donate all the money possible to see more! I'd love to see how their relationships progress! Thank you for creating such a fun, interesting and beautiful game. 

(The only buggy issue I came across other than the CG mentioned about the spring roll scene already, was every route I finished ended in saying "now you've go Ao smitten with you try the others" even when it wasn't Ao's route. No biggy just thought I'd let you know)

Also it would be cool if there was a menu that you got little tokens or pics for every route you finished so you know whether or not you got all the routes. Again, no biggy, just always think that it's cool seeing what you've completed. 

Again though, great game, I'm a really big fan! Thank you for creating.


Thank you so much yagirlez!! Your feedback and review really does mean a lot to me, it's got me feeling warm and fuzzy inside <3

I am so glad that you enjoyed it, and I'm glad the relationship dynamics made sense to you, I wanted them to be relatable and make sense, but still being within the realm of an otome/BL. (and yes, there needs to be more Aussie games SET IN AUSTRALIA out there! WOOOOO!)

Thank you so much for writing something this long, I honestly appreciate and value it!  Thank you for trying out as many routes as you could!  And thanks for picking up the error with the after credits mentioning Ao every time. I will look into it. Did you get the polyam ending in the end? Because good news... one of my current yaoijam projects is a sequel to I'm a love interest!! Bwahaha, just finish one game and I'm already working on the the next.  

I'll work on adding a CG gallery to a future build of the game, it sounds like something people will be interested in and will help track all the endings. Thank you for the suggestion!

I don't know if I've said thank you enough times, haha, but it made me so happy to read your review.  Thank you for playing =]

Yaaaay I'm glad! 

Yeah every time the characters said uni I was like yes! Aussie slang haha. None of that college nonsense lol (jk jk). 

YES I GOT THE POLYAM ENDING HONESTLY IT WAS THE BEST ENDING BECAUSE EVERYONE IS HAPPY! It took me so long to find the right combination to get it aha but oh when I saw that "Hell yeah" click toggle I was like HELL YEAH TAKE ME TO THAT ENDING! They all get along so well it's so sweet and had so much good content for an ending :) (also the group text conversations in that ending killed me. I loved it. It was so real the way they all conversed lol just like a real group convo)

Also I just realised there was also a they/them character (Charlie) yay for representation! 

OMG YES A SEQUEL I AM SO EXCITED! I know these things take time to work on (As a writer I know the writing aspect alone takes forever not to mention all the work that must have to go into a game) But I'll wait as long as it takes because it'll be so worth it!

I'm glad you were happy to read my review! Thank you for your reply! Good luck with everything to come!


I think I found a missing CG... :/ Because I got a scene where Hong Yang was feeding Geum a spring roll (or not ;P ) but the screen just went black, and it felt like there was supposed to be something there. (I have the Kickstarter reward version released last week, if that makes any difference.)

Thanks! Otherwise it's a great game.


Hi ParrotWatcher!

Had to double check and yes, there was originally meant to be a CG scene there but it wasn't made (instead a different CG scene in his route was added) and I forgot to recode the spring roll scene.  Thanks for picking that up!  I'll fix that up in a later build.



Same black screen issue when eating lunch with Emily. (Also in the early Kickstarter version, if that makes a difference.)


Thank you for picking that up too! 

I found another when Hong Yang kabedons Geum...

And I found even more instances in Ao's route, too, although I'm afraid I can't remember the exact points that they happened.


This game was so cute and wholesome. I loved everything about it. I loved the Asian representation, I loved the way it kind of takes jabs at the otome/dating sim trope, how it breaks the fourth wall and how funny it was in general. I also loved the emphasis on good communication and honesty. I love that every character is distinctly different in characterization and romance. I love that how intimate you get with each character varies depending on the love interet's comfort levels and how Geum respects that. The poly route was also well done. Thank you for making such a gem and I'm so happy to have seen this game from kickstarter to completion <3

Thank you so much Alacriteve!!!

I'm so happy to hear your thoughts on the game! I'm glad you enjoyed it and seriously, thank you for your support!

Love the demo so far! So excited to play the full game, but is this going to be on Steam?

thank you Bellalove! 

At the moment it will only be on if the game does well then I can look into a steam release later on. But that's currently low on the priority list. 


Ah yes, taking a trope and running with it! My favorite kind of thing. The art style is nice, and I like how self aware it is so far! 

Can't wait to play the full game!

Thank you =)


really liked it, gonna wait for the full release!


thank you =)


AHHHH!! it's amazing, i was just getting into it lmao and then it was the end of the demo :(( Anyways, i love your style and the characters are really well thought out, also am i the only one that has a big ass soft spot for geum?  

Thank you =) I'm happy to hear you liked the demo. 


I just found this game and I must say that I'm already in love. I like the dinamic Geum has with MC, the art is amazing and I adored the demo. The caracters also seem very interesting and I know I'll probably cry on the bad ending(s) with the boys bacause my poor heart whon't be able to take it. I'm eagerly awayting the future of this project and keep up the great work.


Thank you Minniboe! 
If it helps, I felt pretty guilty while writing the bad endings. But they're really not that bad! I swear! 

I'v heard that one before. I'm just going to have to do my best not to get the bad endings

i love this so much and this just has to be one of my fave harem games and i love all the characters so far. I like how u do geum so cute , i hope u keep up ur good work

Thank you!! 


I love the art style and in my opinion, this is an amazing game and I'm waiting  get to see the full release ( July here we come woo ^^ ) The story-line so far has me interested and I genuinely want to read it! All the character are AWESOME and I love the concept of this game. I'm not someone known or some type of critique but I wanted to voice my opinion anyway.

 (Low key...Geum is amazing) 

Thank you for reading, have an great day/night/afternoon.

Thank you so much for the kind words! 

(Yes, Geum is amazing. Lol) 

I hope you have a great day/night too! 

Forget about the love interests- I am in LOVE with Guem///  he's adorable uwu 

Finally! My boy is getting the recognition he deserves. 

Thanks Sxruno

As he should- I love him and it's only the demo 


TBH, downloaded it just because you said it was set in Australia. You have NO idea how much I love that there's actually a game set in my country, and finally I don't have to constantly convert measurements or currencies. Is this what Americans feel like? All the time? This is nice.


hahahha. I love your response. This was my problem with a lot of games and shows as well. While I was making this I honestly couldn't imagine setting it anywhere other than Australia. (Because I don't have enough experience with other countries)

Good job! Ao is my husbando <3 Waiting for the full release!!!

Yours and everyone else's XD 

All the love for Ao~!!

Really good! the idea of being the best friend In this genre is a great one and I can't wait to see how it will play out! hyped for the final game! question: will you be able to befriend the other two guys, not date them, just be friends with them? I really hope so...... Proper nice 8.5/10!

Thanks Isacctone!!
Happy to hear how much you're enjoying the game.
Yes, there are friendship endings for all three love interests. 

Awesome! can't wait to see the final game!

That demo definitely made me want more. 


+Waiting anxiously (yet patiently) for the full game~

Thank you! We will definitely be releasing this year. =)

I'll announce the official release date by the end of the month. 

Ahh!!! -happy dance- Yay!

It‘s so much fun to play as Geum!加油!!

Lol. Glad you're having fun. 谢谢你!

The concept and creativity of having the protagonist as a childhood friend rather than your typical dating sim MC was quite creative! The demo was fun too, really interesting. Keep it up!

Thank you!!

Just finished playing through a few routes of the demo. I'm definitely hooked on the concept of this game and the characters are all very well written and I love seeing them interact with each other. (I think I'm looking forward to the polyamory ending the most because I can't really choose between the two boys, haha.) I'll be looking forward to the final game! Good luck with development!! :D

Thank you!! 

Glad you're liking it so far. And glad you're liking their interactions, there's more to come. Hehe. 

I've recently played the demo and I love it already. The concept was enough to get me interested on to the game. Good luck and I'm looking forward to this!

Thank you! 

Can you play this on Android

At the moment, no. We will look into making Android and iOs builds after releasing the full game.

Dioooos! Necesito que esto ya este terminado!! Nunca había visto una trama así, se ve muy interesante! Que ganas de jugar la opción del poliamor <3 

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Mucho gracias! Estoy feliz de que pienses que es interesante.

La ruta polyamorosa va añadir mas gameplay(?) y tendra lugar despues de la primera semana.

(lo siento, I don't know much Spanish, so I had a friend help translate) 

I love this!! I can't wait for the whole game!

Thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed it so far. 

i have a one serious issue with this game!!
i cant open it
after clicking on it there is a "Could not execute [...]. Is it missing?" error
i've tried many things to solve this but its still not working:(

If you could take a screenshot of the error I will look into it.

Are you running the mac or PC build? 

im sorry for bothering you!! i just downloaded the app and it works now. thank you for the fast reply tho!<3 


No worries. I'm glad it works now. Hope you enjoy the demo.

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I just played the demo, I really liked the idea, it's so creative, I'd never thought of that! 

It's funny that Ao's names means blue and this is his color haha!

I'm looking forward to this game!

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I'm glad you like it. Haha. Actually, aside from MC, all their names are their hair colours. 

Geum is gold in Korean.

Ao is blue in Japanese.

And the Hong in Hong Yang's name uses the character for red. 

Oops, went through my old notes and realized that last bit wasn't right. Although I had the initial intention of using 'Hong (红)' which means red, the characters I used for his name were actually 'Hong () Yang (揚)'. Feel free to look up the meaning of his name =)

Looking forward to this game!

Thank you.

ahh i just went through the demo and it's so charming and cute. im really looking forward to this!

Thank you!! =D

I'm gonna stalk this now. No escape.

HEYYYYY Welcome back Pace!!!!! Haven't seen you online in ages.
Haha, yes, stalk as much as you like =]

I want this so much. Mostly cause I'm so going to woe Ao as Geum. =P

I support your endeavour =D

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Why thank yous. I do love my grumpy, bad boys with gold hearts. Plus I find it hilarious how Geum reacts in the demo to getting a text back from Ao. This could be such a good game. Like him slowly realizing he actually has fallen for the guys, then panics over possibly hurting MC by wanting to steal one, etc. I could see guilt and Geum coming out to MC with his newly discovered love problems. xD But that's just in my head. Please don't let me worry you with expectations. You do you. I'm hoping you continue this. =D


Haha, that is an interesting route to take.  I'll just say that there are a few different ways the game can possibly end. 
And fear not! This game will be completed even if it takes me longer than intended!! =]
The kickstarter campaign will be launching at the end of the month so hopefully that speeds things along. 

I'll definitely keep my eye out for that. =)

This is really cool! Can't wait to see it finished ^w^

Thank you! 

No problem!

oH MY God! That really reminds me of otome version of kusoge! It was so refreshing to see protagonist as one of the love interest . Interactions between characters are hilarious, I died at the line "I wanted to see how the scene end" XD 

This looks really promising! I am eagerly waiting for december <3


Oh man! I only discovered Kusoge recently and although it wasn't intentionally one of my inspirations, it might have subconsciously been one. 

Thank you for your kind words and I hope you enjoy what is to come. 


The demo was funny and fun! I like that the protagonist is so aware of common otome tropes, yet so lacking in self-awareness regarding his own feelings. After the "homemade lunches for a week" line, I found myself wanting to solve the problem by pairing Ao with Hong Yang instead (fingers crossed for them getting together if Emily chooses Geum).


Thank you so much. I'm glad you like it. Haha. Yes, I have a whole side story planned for Ao and Hong Yang which players could discover if they make the right choices in the game. 

I hope you enjoy what is to come. 

Love the demo so far! Can't wait for the next update

Thank you!!

The demo was small but it got me hooked and I think it was great.

Thank you =D

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Thank you!
I'm glad to hear you think so =D

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