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So... I started playing this two minutes ago. I, admittedly, didn't read the info on your page. Something about the art and the presentation just clicked with me and I downloaded straight away.
However, I named the "side character" with my actual name (doesn't happen often) and I am know laughing waay more than I ought to be. *Side-staring Danny* Have you guessed? ... Haha my sides hurt.
Thanks for sharing your game! Looks cute so far.


Hi Sice!
Haha, I have learnt that many people don't read past the title and art so it makes me happy to hear it was enough to draw you in.
Glad you are enjoying it so far! Feel free to let me know your final thoughts and opinions when you finish the game.

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Cool concept, mocking the BL tropes a bit ahah That's very much needed I feel xd

The art isn't my thing much, but it isn't kinda cool still. I'm gonna play that one for sure.


Ahh I loved this so much! I played what I think is all of the endings? (the betrayal sequences got me kinda sad ngl lmao). This was a lot of fun, and I loved how the characters were presented realistically in comparison to other stories I've seen of this type. The MC was relatable which makes me feel slightly ashamed, but he's pretty cool so I gotta give him credit haha. I also really liked the other side characters a lot! Nathaniel's innocence had me rolling. This was worth my impatient, but completionist self playing haha

Thank you for the kind words, I'm glad you enjoyed the game!

This game was so great! It was simple, wholesome, and realistic. It felt fun to play a likable and funny main character. It's short, but I'd say it's worthwhile.

thank you Mittens!! 

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I randomly saw you're a newly registered account. And because you liked this game, I assume you will also like a specific collection on my profile! ;)


Hi! So, I finally played the whole game (and not just one route) and thought I would leave a comment!

As I told in your messages, I really enjoyed this game A LOT. Like. A. Lot. I really found Jodeci entertaining as a protagonist but not a protagonist. In my first playthrough, I mostly sticked with Dan. I got to discover the other characters, who are as enjoyable as them!

I also liked the art, the music and the voice acting! I could see all of you guys worked really hard on this game to make it as polished as possible and, well, the magic at least worked on me! So, congrats!

Overall: a funny nice-looking and nice-sounding game to have fun with!

Thank you!!! 

I'm so glad you played the rest of the game and liked it.  It means a lot to hear that you enjoyed Jodeci's character, I try my best to create relatable and interesting characters.

I really appreciate your feedback!


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OMG crossover/spinoff. Took me like 10 minutes to realize I actually got annoyed for a moment at what seemed to be reused art. Lol thats what i get for not paying attention to the authors of the games i play lol.

so im assuming the 4th ending is Protagonists love story? Any hints on how to get it, i have seen 3 endings so far.


i loved this game. especially the scene where jodeci is that poor schmuck who gets pulled in the lover's spat.

i was laughing through the whole game.


Thank you!! I'm so glad you like it. 

And it's another game based on Australia. Haha. 


as someone who went to high school and lives in australia, i thank you.

That's awesome to hear!


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i made an account for the specific purpose to tell you how great the use of those em dashes were. Great Job!


Wow, the use of em dashes is incredible! Astounding job!


How much did Gunnar pay you to come here and say that?! Hahaha




oh babey


Woahhh... my wondering has come true...


Haha. The game comes out on the 31st of August. So I wonder if you will find the answer to your wondering. ;)