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Ever wondered what the side characters get up to in a BL story?

Here's your chance to find out. 

When a transfer student arrives, Peter recognises the face of his former childhood friend, Danny. Danny brings back painful memories of the past, memories Peter would rather forget, but Danny seems to have other plans. 

No, you don't play as Peter in this game. You don't even play as Danny.  Instead, you play as Peter's friend, Jodeci.
Will you help Peter face his past trauma, or stop Danny from getting too close to hurt Peter again? The choice is yours.


- Approx. 9k words (Yes, it is a short game)
- Changeable name for Jodeci
- Four endings
- Wholesome relationships
- Partial voice acting
- Aussie Rules Football!!!!!
- Really bad jokes 
- More em dashes than I care to admit
- Rated 13+ with some swearing, no explicit sexual images or audio

This is my first game to include voice acting! I apologise if the balancing isn't quite right, and I will continue to learn how to edit audio files to improve. 

A full credit list can be found here.

I'm a side character is a spin-off of my main game, I'm a love interest in my childhood friend's reverse harem!!!

[06-08-2022]  Web build available: The game can now be played straight from the browser!
[18-11-2020]  Spanish buildTraducción al español ahora disponible.
[01-10-2020]  Build update: Voice over for the bad endings have been added. Two additional CG art and fixed minor typos. 

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PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(84 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
Made withAudacity, Ren'Py
Tagsaustralia, Comedy, Dating Sim, Funny, Gay, LGBT, Ren'Py, Slice Of Life, Yaoi
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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Imasidecharacter-1.2-linux.tar.bz2 136 MB
Imasidecharacter-1.2-mac.zip 142 MB
Imasidecharacter-1.2-pc.zip 159 MB
ESP-Imasidecharacter-1.0-mac.zip 142 MB
ESP-Imasidecharacter-1.0-pc.zip 159 MB

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(1 edit)

Thank you for making it sm easier not to get romanically attached to a character


Only in my dreams. LOLs. I have ideas for sequels but everything is on hold at the moment due to personal reasons. 

I want to finish the "I'm a love interest" universe that Jodeci and Peter are part of, so hopefully in the future I can work on the sequels.


Is this what it's like to be a dude version of a fujoshi? This is what goes on in their heads?

Being a queer twink, i need some sort of defense mechanism i swear.

Kinda what goes on <//3

(2 edits)

When i saw the reason Peter didnt like Danny it made me start thinking like i didnt feel it was that bad till he said like "He told me to go.." yk..? Someone had said that to me and what are the ODDS of his name being DANIEL but hes called DANNY ITS CRAZY AHA..

yeah..ion talk to Danny no more.

This game was a nice one. Nice and short :)

Hi Kosuna! 

I'm glad you enjoyed the game. 

Sorry to hear you also had a bad experience, I believe it's more common than people realise. I hope that like Peter, you were able to move on and have good supportive friends like Jodeci :) 

We all need a Jodeci in our lives, and if you don't have one, be the Jodeci for another people. 

Thanks for playing 'Im a side character', I appreciate it. 


Uhm it won’t let me past the “Im Jodeci” part I tried changing the name to and it didn’t work… it only lets me go back and stuff like that

You should be able to continue by either left clicking the mouse or pressing enter on the keyboard. 

what if your playing on a phone? 

I'm surprised you can even get it work on your phone... It's not supposed to do that. Lol. 

I would suggest playing later on a desktop or laptop when you can. The game isnt programmed for phone or tablet. 

ok thanks:)


the most common phrase in here?



This game is about being the lovemaker at your school lol jk


What a fun concept! Big fan of changing up the perspective in a story I've experienced a couple of times, it's very creative. I appreciate the light simple but entertaining tone of this. 


thank you lizuia!

I just wanna see more background and side characters get their stories told :)


I do too! I appreciate that there are people with the same sentiment who have the tools to realize stories like that. Best of luck on any future endeavors with this kind of theme, if you plan on any :D


My bi heart is sad not to have a romance but to be honest I don't mind our routes only having friendship. I kinda like some good old platonic bromance.

Good old platonic bromance needs more representation I reckon. Haha. 

But thank you so much for playing and leaving a comment!

(1 edit) (+1)

I got the.. kind of nosy? ending first (the one where they get stuck in the closet or whatver) as my ship senses were tingling and guided me on the right path, and then i wanted to have danny and peter not be friends at all, so i forced myself to not let them interact and then when i saw the "he's kinda cute" dialogue from jodeci i immediately understood that this was not going where i thought it would. sadly, he did not turn bisexual for peter, but that's more realistic either way.  

I appreciate you using your ship senses first go haha. I think most players get that ending first time around. 

(1 edit)

How do i save my progress?

(Edit:Nvm,i know how to do it now-)


ahahaha the side character with the 'DONKEY' haha I love that meme

me too XD


Danny sounds kinda like Katsuki Bakugo

I got all the endings in one sitting! I can't wait for more, I LOVE THIS GAME!


Thank you so much Cupid! 

I'm glad you enjoyed the game. Feel free to check out my other ones. Otherwise I will probably make more for YaoiJam in the future. Haha. 

(2 edits) (+1)

Having a self-aware side character as a temporary friend is one of the best experience i ever had

Also the last thing he says in the game made me want him to get a gf in a sequel lol- but i think it already exists so imma download more games made by you

(When jodeci says "i ship it" for the first time, he looks likes Miles Edgeworth, is this intentional :0 ?)

(1 edit) (+1)

this game is cool, i loved it with all my heart.

I LOVE JODECI HE'S SUCH A NICE GUY everyone deserves someone like he in their life

hi Helen! 

Thank you for the kind words! I agree, everyone needs someone like Jodeci in their lives :)

is there a jodeci x danny or a jodeci x peter ending?

Only friendship endings when it comes to Jodeci in this game.

I just finished the whole game in one sitting and I WANT MORE!!!

The story flows really well and I liked the different endings a lot. Not to mention the CGs and sprites are very nice to look at! And the voiceacting sounds very natural, overall a great game and my only "criticism" is that I wanted it to be longer so I could play more-

Thank you so much for your kind words Chaolina!

I do plan on extending Jodeci and Peters stories in the future if I have time. But until then, you can try the main game or any of the other short spin off games. :D

Oh my, I like their v.a xD I enjoy playing the spin off <3

I like the VAs too, they're amazing and talented people :)

Thank you for playing the game!!


I enjoyed this game so much! <3 Hopefully Jodeci will also find love one day! :D


I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Plans for Jodeci's story is currently in planning stages. 


rugby's better? RUGBY'S BETTER??????! danny how could you say that!!! AFL is obviously the way >:((( (enjoying the game so far lol it's so good to see Australian related content)

I agree. But I needed to make Danny seem more hateable. And this was the best way to go. XD

How very dare you! :p


I dare!! 

At least I didn't make them play cricket XD

LOL, touché! xD

I might live in aussie but.. rugby is the way >:'| or maybe its the poly genes speaking

OMG pura joyita este juego, me e n c a n t o!! 😍😍 Amé a Jodeci (me sentí identificada) me encantaron todas las rutas aunque realmente me hubiera gustado ver al Jodeci feliz con alguien 🤧. Me encanto el arte y realmente espero q este magnífico autor(@) saque una secuela o algo así en donde pueda ver a mi Jodeci feliz 💗. (Xdios ame a ese personaje)

¡Muchas gracias por tus amables palabras! Estoy escribiendo una historia corta para Jodeci, pero no será un juego, solo una novela corta. :)

Q BIEN!! Estaré ansiosamente atenta :D


It's a funny game  Jodeci is pretty likable. My fav ending was when Peter didn't end up with Danny because he still seems problematic. And i appreciate that this was an option. 



Honestly it's probably the most realistic ending. How many times do friends reconcile after a falling out?

I just wanna ask if there is any plan to make an android version of all the games published. I saw all of the games summaries and think that they're all great and wanted to play but there isn't any android version. Just asking, if there isn't any plan, its fine, I can just download the games in the future when I get my hands on an iphone.

The games are currently only available for Mac and PC. No plans to port them to Android or iOS at the moment but will consider it. 

Thanks for replying! 

I loved this game! The characters are all really cute. Especially Jodeci, what a sweetheart. The humour is great too, made me laugh! :D


It's a wonderful story! I loved it! Jodeci is very easy to empathize with and I very much enjoyed playing as him. You really captured the things that make side characters loveable and fun to play as. I wish the game was longer, but I can go with the short and sweet form the game has~

I hope we get the typical side story about the side character where they finally become the center of attention-. I want Jodeci to experience a happy ending for himself too...! This honestly kinda feels like a prologue to his story especially with the ending. Well, even without that, I still really adore the game and hope you make more of it~!

I want to kiss your hand for creating such a good game. Dreams do come true * Chef kiss *

Im glad you enjoyed playing! :D

i Love this game you've  fulfilled all my dreams im finally a side character 

haha!! Happy to hear I am fulfilling dreams!XD

Credits scene is amazing i adore it omg

many thanks!

i see you used a format very similar to DDLC for the in-game menu. I respect that. Also I'm not very far in yet, but this music bussin!!!!

hi Ixphy!

Glad you like the music. :D

I haven't played DDLC, but if they used the RenPy engine to make it then it's probably similar because I just used the default format. Lol. 

Its great! I'm still trying to find the last photo to complete the gallery, I'm a bit of a perfectionist lol, and it's super good!! 11/10 I would definitely recommend to my friends 


Thanks Jam the Bard! 

I create an account just to comment here, I really liked the game I laughed a lot, the music is excellent, the voices and acting are sublime

Get on with these cool jobs!♥

Thank you so much!!

I wish there was an option to be male or female  but either great game :>

(1 edit)

ugh this hurts to play so much T^T the pain of wanting to be the main character. cause i really started to like Danny.


The side characters have just as much fun. Haha.


This game was awesome ! I laughed so much !! I loved Jodeci a lot (poor boy still single xD) , he was awesome and a nice friend ! The fact we can betray or when we can spot that Danny isn't that nice sometimes was really appreciated. I liked the art a lot, and good job for the voice acting ! (love your voice miss garden btw) 

So I noticed that it was a spin off so I bought the original game on steam (I will put a review there but I haven't finished the game yet) 

I had a lot of fun so thank you for your hard work !!! 

Thanks so much!! I'm glad you liked the game. Haha,yes poor Jodeci. Will he ever find love?


Hello!!! It's JC the football and envelope guy haha. I've finally got around to playing the game and it was an absolute delight from start to finish, I had SUCH a good time. Seriously can't stop smiling. Everyone is super cute, the writing is fun, and the voice acting is really great! What a wonderful little game. I also really appreciated the sort of mission statement in the info, about how even if you feel like a side character, your choices matter. Really nice!

Fantastic job!!!

Thanks JC!! 

Glad you liked it and thank you for being a part of the project!

(4 edits) (+1)

So... I started playing this two minutes ago. I, admittedly, didn't read the info on your page. Something about the art and the presentation just clicked with me and I downloaded straight away.
However, I named the "side character" with my actual name (doesn't happen often) and I am know laughing waay more than I ought to be. *Side-staring Danny* Have you guessed? ... Haha my sides hurt.
Thanks for sharing your game! Looks cute so far.


Hi Sice!
Haha, I have learnt that many people don't read past the title and art so it makes me happy to hear it was enough to draw you in.
Glad you are enjoying it so far! Feel free to let me know your final thoughts and opinions when you finish the game.

(1 edit) (+2)

Cool concept, mocking the BL tropes a bit ahah That's very much needed I feel xd

The art isn't my thing much, but it isn't kinda cool still. I'm gonna play that one for sure.


Ahh I loved this so much! I played what I think is all of the endings? (the betrayal sequences got me kinda sad ngl lmao). This was a lot of fun, and I loved how the characters were presented realistically in comparison to other stories I've seen of this type. The MC was relatable which makes me feel slightly ashamed, but he's pretty cool so I gotta give him credit haha. I also really liked the other side characters a lot! Nathaniel's innocence had me rolling. This was worth my impatient, but completionist self playing haha

Thank you for the kind words, I'm glad you enjoyed the game!

This game was so great! It was simple, wholesome, and realistic. It felt fun to play a likable and funny main character. It's short, but I'd say it's worthwhile.

thank you Mittens!! 

I randomly saw you're a newly registered account. And because you liked this game, I assume you will also like a specific collection on my profile! ;)


Hi! So, I finally played the whole game (and not just one route) and thought I would leave a comment!

As I told in your messages, I really enjoyed this game A LOT. Like. A. Lot. I really found Jodeci entertaining as a protagonist but not a protagonist. In my first playthrough, I mostly sticked with Dan. I got to discover the other characters, who are as enjoyable as them!

I also liked the art, the music and the voice acting! I could see all of you guys worked really hard on this game to make it as polished as possible and, well, the magic at least worked on me! So, congrats!

Overall: a funny nice-looking and nice-sounding game to have fun with!

Thank you!!! 

I'm so glad you played the rest of the game and liked it.  It means a lot to hear that you enjoyed Jodeci's character, I try my best to create relatable and interesting characters.

I really appreciate your feedback!


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