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I started working on Free! Arabian Nights back in 2015. I took a short hiatus for over a year but after 3 years of drawing and redrawing sprites, late nights coding, many writer's blocks and plenty of moments of Why am I still doing this? I am so happy to finally be able to release a finished version of this game. 

Free! Arabian Nights is not the first game I have tried to make, but it is without a doubt the first game I have ever finished making. This is thanks to the many people that have supported me, encouraged me, and even nagged me over the years.  Thank you. 

This game was made by a fan, for the fans, and so I truly genuinely hope that you enjoy this game.  



Free!ArabianNights1.0-mac.zip 154 MB
Jul 25, 2018
Free!ArabianNights1.0-win.zip 156 MB
Jul 25, 2018
Free!ArabianNights1.0-linux.tar.bz2 157 MB
Jul 25, 2018

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Hi! ^^ I really appreciate your work. Please, could you pubblic a walkthrough for every route?

hi lilishakarian. 

I'm glad you like it. Yes, I am currently working on an artbook which will include a walkthrough as well as many other things. 

I aim to release it in either September or October. 

Oh really? Awesome! 😊 Meanwhile, may I ask you if there's a happy and romantic ending with Haru? Because I'm trying to reach it, but maybe I'm doing it for nothing xD

Haha, yeah Haru has a few routes. There are two good endings for Haru, but the way to get to them only involves making two very specific choices. I won't tell you which ones though since that would ruin the fun =) good luck!