Sousuke's routes complete!!

Update!!  [02-11-2017] Script

I've finished all the end routes for Sousuke, and holy mother of dolphins... I am way over my head.  I only intended for each romantic character to have 3 endings (the standard bad, good, and love), however Sousuke ended up with 7 (SEVEN) possibly endings!! I can't believe how much I had to type out...

Now just because Sousuke ended up with 7 endings doesn't mean all the other romantic characters will too.  I've realized that I've made nearly every single choice you make in the game affect the overall outcome that you achieve.  For some there are only small differences, like 1 or 2 changes to the finishing lines, but with others that's a whole extra scene involved! 

So it looks like I'll be spending more time than I originally intended on finishing this game.  I hope everyone doesn't mind being a little bit more patient but I truly want this game to be amazing and to a quality that people can enjoy without thinking of it as 'fanmade'. 

Anyway it's back to typing for me, thanks for taking the time to read this dev blog.

<3 Red

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