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Free! Arabian Nights 

[Drama, Mystery, Comedy, Romance, Boys Love]

[Released 26th July 2018]

You play as Rin Matsuoka, the young sultan of a fictional land. One day, you are informed by captain Mikoshiba, the captain of the palace guards, that rumours have arisen of someone being sent to kidnap you. You decide to leave the palace, against the suggestions of the captain, to get in contact with your friends in the city that you believe may be able to help you solve who has been sent to abduct you.

Music: Eric Matyas
Background Artist: BunnyVoid
GUI: Ren'Py and Ookami Kasumi

Sprite Artist, Coder, Storyboard : Red-Baby (Red)

Roughly 45-60 minutes of gameplay. 

Regular Updates on my page here.

This is a fanmade game based off the season one ending to the anime Free! Original  character designs by Koji Oji and owned by Kyoto Animation.  This demo was made, and the full game is being made, during my free time and out of my own interest for the show. It is not intended to infringe copyright laws or be commercialized for monetary profit. I highly recommend watching the series Free!  Iwatobi Swim Club as well as the second season Free!  Eternal Summer. 

Thank you for checking out my game :)


Red's note:
I started working on Free! Arabian Nights back in 2015. I took a short hiatus for over a year but after 3 years of drawing and redrawing sprites, late nights coding, many writer's blocks and plenty of moments of Why am I still doing this? I am so happy to finally be able to release a finished version of this game. 

Free! Arabian Nights is not the first game I have tried to make, but it is without a doubt the first game I have ever finished making. This is thanks to the many people that have supported me, encouraged me, and even nagged me over the years.  Thank you.

This game was made by a fan, for the fans, and so I truly genuinely hope that you enjoy this game.  


Red's note:
Although the game itself is Free! (pun intended) you can support me by donating or buying the new poster art.  The folder includes a 1920x1080 desktop wallpaper as well as a 2480x3507 HQ poster.  Purchases will go towards funding my new project HEROxTRIO

<3 Red


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Hey <3 I loved the game, it was very interesting! I liked the sprites a lot, congratulations on completing it!!!  However i was curious as to how many love interest are in the game...? Anyways, i enjoyed it a lot! :)

hi NaMaeli! 

I'm so glad to hear you liked the sprites and enjoyed the game! Thank you for the kind words. 

Hehe, there's three possible love interests: Sousuke,  Ai, and Haru. But Haru's route is the hardest to achieve. 

I'm not part of the fandom, but I'm glad games like these are being created to normalize more fan-made games and content! (Though I haven't seen the anime I'm still tempted to play!)


Thanks Neeka!  

Haha, I hope the story of the game makes enough sense without having to watch the anime series. But there are some references that may not make sense. 

Either way, if you do play it I would love to hear your opinion. 

Great demo! I was impressed with how many choices there already are. The story has really nice pacing, and I loved the little touches, such as how Sousuke's sprite moved from side to side slightly when he was trying to find a spot to sit in Makoto's store. Take as much time as you need for this wonderful project!

Hi littlev! 

Thank you so much for the support. I'm glad you liked the little touches, coding is not my specialty but I hope you enjoy what other things I have planned for the rest of the game. Hehehe

Hi!! This looks interesting - will a route be available for Rei? 

Hi Ai, 

Unfortunately there is no planned route for Rei. =(

But he will be making an appearance in the game =)