Bug Update

Hey yo!

I'm exhausted.

I have updated the builds with the gallery now accessible, however all the images are unlocked so I would recommend playing the game and finishing it at least once before viewing the gallery.  Otherwise you might see some spoilers.   (I think next time I make a game I'll need to get another programmer on board to help out)

The error a few people were getting should no longer show up with the new builds. If you're still getting errors please send me a screenshot and I'll look into it.

Final update, I have added a little 'special thanks' section to the ending credits. This is just to show my gratitude to a few other people that helped out with the game. Thank you!

I hope everyone has a happy and safe holiday season!!



BAKEDMAGIC-1.1.4-mac.zip 119 MB
Dec 24, 2018
BAKEDMAGIC-1.1.4-pc.zip 136 MB
Dec 24, 2018


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