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Hi! I have two questions. is the knight a romance option? If so, how to get her route?


can u plz add it for chromebooks? I don't want to be bossy but i use a chromebook and this looks like a rlly cool game

Hi there!

What operating system does your chromebook use? The game is playable on mac, windows and linux OS, which are the options that the program I use to make the game on are able to port in. 
So unfortunately, if it uses a different OS, I won't have the ability to build it in a different OS at the moment.

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my chromebook uses Chrome OS. I think it would be easier for everyone to play if u made it into a play in browser game. But i dont want to be bossy.

ChromeOS is a virtual Qemu system, build from Linux and uses Android for native like apps, new ChromeOS, can use Linux as addon Like docker so it can run native linux apps, with limited GPU capabilities.. Just thought it might be interesting to know..

Such a cute short game. I applaud to your hard job, my good sir/madam.

Thank you!!

I just streamed this and it was so cute! I really love these girls and the music was delightful! What a great game! :D

Thanks Yuna! I'm glad you loved it :D

This was nice! It's easy for VNs to go on for too long and this didn't really have that problem, and it's always good to have magic and snacks around.

This was a really fun bite-sized VN!

Thank you!


asghdag THE TWIST WAS PERFECT!! Lana's "Holy fu-" was exactly what I was thinking lmaoo.  I also liked the mini games- made me feel like I was actually Elliot/Lana baking. Overall the story was cute and fun to play,  and fact that Lana learns to get over rejection was a nice, fresh bonus. but that end why that end I get it that we're just a side character but i'm still not over how Elliot just broke the fourth wall like that

I'm looking forward the modern au version being made for this year's yuri jam >:3

Thank you so much for the kind words!! I'm glad you enjoyed it. And you can look forward to more mini games in the next one =D


Elliot was so meta. This was a great game.


Thanks basketbird!
I'm bringing the characters back for this year's yuri game jam, but in a modern setting.

I. LOVE. THIS. I like the plot twist!! I was pining for the wrong character the whole time!! >.< I really took my time with this game to unlock all the images in the gallery. I just couldn't believe that the supposed realization at the end was the actual ending, so I experimented with the choices. When I realized how Elliot and Lana looked so cute together, I just couldn't resist but ship them. I love the ending so much!! It has such a sweet note, being a side character for someone else's story and being the protagonist of your own :))

Thank you for the kind words angeladmdl!
I'm so glad you enjoyed it.  Playing as a side character has now kind of become my thing when making games, haha. I think telling the same tropey story from a new perspective can be fun and insightful.

agreed. now i have to check out your other games!!! <3

Ahahaha, I hope you enjoy them too if you decide to play. 

I would recommend I'm a side character and I'm a love interest, you might like some of the characters. ;)

thank youu!

What a delightful VN! The concept is very appealing, the characters are intriguing, and the world leaves me eager to learn more about it. Even better, I appreciated how different the ending was. Without spoiling it, I was pleasantly surprised at the little twist. It was short, but equally sweet. Very fitting for the title!

Thank you! I'm so happy to hear that you enjoyed the game =)

Needs a mobile version!

Thank you for the suggestion. 


a lovely story with sweet characters! thank you for the fantasy lesbians! 

oh! and the art book was a great addition to the game that i enjoyed reading through after playing it :)


Thank you ! I'm glad you enjoyed the game and the book. =)


To quote the most apt line, "Holy fu--"


I loved that ending. <3

Awwww-some, love it very cute

Thank you =)

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Love the sweet soundtrack, the ending and post-credits scene. 

Somehow i managed to go throught it, thanks to my ps4 controller, cuz in Linux (Zorin Os 15) the minigames get bugged.

Hi Gaalperen!

I'm glad you liked the music and endings.

Sorry to hear the minigames bugged, can you let me know what actually happened? 

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The selection colour for choosing items during mini-games didn't appear on second mini-game (when heroins are baking before the ball). Also the mouse does not work to select ingredients. 

In order to keep going i managed with an old ps4 controller. It helped because allows me select items when moving joistic or using directional buttons. Instead of that, is difficult to  use a permutation method in order to choose stuff. Most of times you get Lana saying that's not eggs, berries, etc.


Chibi version of heroins was lovely.


Moreover, sorry if you find weird some of the extent. I'm a Spanish native-speaker, something which make confuse grammar stuff.


No problem, your English is great =)

I'll have to look into the mouse not working for the Linux build, since that is strange. It seems to work in the Mac and PC version so I'll see if I can find out what's wrong. 

Regarding the ingredients, they are not meant to glow/light up during the second minigame. =) Think of it like a 'hard mode' after completing the first two minigames, which were like tutorials. 

Thanks to Kaiju for playing BAKED:MAGIC as part of their Digital Diversity series! 

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I haven't played the game yet but I encountered the same error as previous comments have and I wondered if it was from using the ":" in the file name. Typically that, along with other symbols, isn't supposed to be used in file names as a ":" is defined as devices and drives . When you unzip the files the ":" end up as "_". This probably isn't the issue but I thought I'd bring it to attention just in case.


(Edit: Sorry about posting a comment here, I didn't know how else to bring it up.)

Hi Whomp!

Thanks for the suggestion. I don't think the colon is the issue since renpy doesn't let me save files names with it, like you said.  

But it's concerning the same error still comes up after the update.  Can you let me know if you downloaded the mac or pc version please?



The PC version, it worked completely fine after skipping the errors. There were 4-5 errors that popped up, not just one. All issues with files seemed to contain the game’s name. 


That's weird. Thank you for letting me know!

I'll keep that in mind for when I name all my next games but for the time being I will see what I can do about this one. 



This is a great VN! Despite having only a few choices to choose from, the point and click segment was an interesting and fun addition, the dialogue is great and hilarious, and the art is very well done.

Elliot is a riot! Her introduction at the end was just so damn good. I spent a few minutes laughing at her bluntness xD

The ending was unexpected, but in a good way. The fourth wall was definitely shattered. Lana's surprise was so... LOL.

Overall, BAKED:MAGIC is a fun game. A little short, but sweet <3


Thank you XSverdar! 

I'm really happy to hear that you enjoyed the game! Yes, I'm hoping to learn more coding so that my next game can have a few more click and point elements involved. 

Elliot was one of my favourite characters to write as well, so I'm glad you think she's a riot. 

Thanks again for your kind words. =)

The full version of the game was worth all the waiting. I really liked and enjoyed it.

The artstyle is great! Well done sprites and backgrounds. And th girls are very pretty. 

The story is very good. Few choices, few plot-twists, few surprises and few endings. That's how i like it :D

Well, the plot didn't exactly ened how I'd like to but the ending you planned was very nice too (maybe even better) :)

Point and click/quick time system is good idea, too.

Hi MrMar!
I'm glad you enjoyed playing it. I wasn't sure people would enjoy the ending since it's a little unconventional. I'm so happy to hear you liked it!

Hello, I also got the same error as Wasteland-Wolf, but I skipped the errors and was able to play the game anyway. I thought the game/art/music/dialogues were fun and cute, and that the story was very interesting. I also thoroughly enjoyed the mini games, and overall, I liked it!


It was interesting playing in a  different perspective, particularly as a "side character",  which is not something you see too often in VNs. I do feel a little sad for Lana though, since I'm sure a lot of people can relate to her. Not sure if there will be a sequel or a part 2 for this game. I would love to see a continuation or an exploration of the kingdom.


Hi TwoCrescents! 

Thank you so much for the kind words and feedback! I'm glad you enjoyed the game. 

I'm actually working on a sequel called DRUNK:MAGIC, but this one will follow Luka's story after the events of the ball.  It won't be a VN however, more info about this to come next year.

Thanks for letting me know you can skip the errors. 

For some reason when I extract the game I get this error. But I can still play the game if I skip it but then I don't have any access the gallery. If you know why that would be very helpful. :)

Hi Wasteland-wolf, 

Thanks for bringing this to my attention! This is very strange, the date on the application seems to be off.  I'll have to look into it. 

The gallery not being accessible is due to a coding issue on my end that I'm working on, so it's not related to the error you are getting. 

I'll hopefully get these things fixed by the end of the month. 

Thanks again for letting me know. 


Yuri game! Adorable gifls! Dating! Baking!

I want more

Hehe, I'm glad you like it so far =] 

The script is finished and I'll hopefully be able to release the game in late November after the kickstarter campaign ends.
Stay tuned =]

Finally got there! Loved the game, thanks so much for helping me getting it running, definately want to see more. I included it in my Part 3 of the Ren'Py jam, i hope you don't mind. Good luck!


I'm really glad that you enjoyed the game =) 

Thanks for including it in your let's play. I feel like your reactions matched Lana's a lot. Hehe. 

It was definately my treat, thankyou for helping me getting it going! I really felt for Lana,  particularly with regards to Jayne, Elliot is silly ;)

I check the yuri tag every day. Imagine my delight when I saw this! I quite liked it. The characters are already interesting and Elliot is adorable. I look forward to release!

Thank you! I'm glad you like it ^w^